Davenport Firefighter Juarez’s New Home

Big Dog Construction had the honor of building a new home for injured Davenport Fire Captain Bob Juarez. Capt. Juarez was injured on the job June 12, 2008 when he fell 30 feet from a ladder, he was paralyzed in the accident and is now confined to a wheelchair.

Over the course of almost one year, Big Dog Construction built a new 2,000 square foot home for Capt. Juarez and his family to accommodate his wheelchair.

The light switches are located at the lowest legal level, as well as electrical outlets at their highest legal level. The kitchen and laundry room are also completely accessible by wheelchair for Capt. Juarez.

Companies and individuals from the Quad Cities donated building materials, their time and love to complete this project for the Juarez family. Donations include a sprinkler system and backup generator for the wheelchair lift.

Big Dog Construction President, Chris Haber says “We started the project process by reviewing their “Juarez” existing home. In working with a local architect, we determined that it would be cost prohibitive to redesign/remodel. The next step was then re-working designs of homes that we had previously built to fit the needs and requirements that Mr. Juarez and his family would need. Then the fun started. Along with a few others, we made phone calls, sent out emails and dropped off requests to multiple trades and suppliers in hope that we could get reduced and or donated services and products. What a tremendous out pour of support we indeed experienced. From design to finish we witnessed our community step up for this family and it was awe inspiring.”